New forums suck it

Is there zero chance of keeping the old forums open? Personally I would prefer the task of cleaning them of what is not relevant to porting what is valuable onto this hideous nightmare. Nonetheless, I am willing to aid in a copy/paste effort if one is to be undertaken.

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The old forums will be read only for archive purposes, at least for a while. Anything important to you should be brought over here.

There are ways to make this experience more palatable. Use the Categories and Tags in your preferences to mute everything you are not interested in. Things will then “quiet down” quite a bit for you.

If there is anything you think got missed in the move, please post or message the xo/cl of the appropriate chapter. Same if you have suggestions for a section. Like juulz mentioned, the old forums will remain as read only for some time as well. If you have constructive feedback for the platforms as a whole, please share your ideas! Check out the site feedback forum.

Change is never pleasant for everyone, but folks have learned some great tips and tricks to make this feel like home. I’m sure many are happy to share!

Especially for us old folks… cough

I do rather enjoy this Discourse forum software, though. It has great summarize functions, and I don’t have to keep 5 tabs open any longer.

It takes a bit to get the system how you want it, but once done, it’s a lot better in my opinion.

Especially for the stated goal of members being aware of more than just their game. Something new gets added? You start seeing it and choose to keep, filter or mute it altogether. It’s great for kind of…waving a hand in front of people about a new thing.

I agree with the OP though I know its here to stay sigh Is there any way to make it look like the old forum format? Maybe something I can do on my own?

You have no idea how this sounds LOL> I had visions of this wicked looking nurse with a strange evil look trying to convince one of us old timers in a nursing home that the new construction to make our rooms smaller and more efficient is a good thing when we old timers know that all they are doing is tryin to pack more of us together in the same space to make extra dollars grumble grumble

You have a much better imagination than I! More space just = more time dusting, meh :wink:

Use Sam’s Simple theme and make Category view the default - that’s what I do!

Thanks! The Sams theme works nicely :slight_smile: Now if I can tone down the white walls. They are mighty bright

I use flux on my PC to tone down those blues…