New Member for Star Citizen

Hello all! I’m looking to join your esteemed community of Star Citizen players. I look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome Citizen!

Welcome indeed. What are your interests in the 'verse? How long have you been backing?

Thanks! I backed on Kickstarter, and have been slowly building a fleet since then (I have poor impulse control when it comes to spaceships).

Once the PU really gets going, I’m hoping to do a mix of trading, exploration, and security. Especially for the security and exploration aspects, I’m hoping to both loan out my ships and crew with others - hence my search for a guild.

How about you? Are there any guild activities yet?

I don’t even have SC installed, haven’t for awhile. I don’t want to get burned out so I back by buying ships and let those who enjoy testing handle that part.

That’s reasonable. When do you plan on hopping in? When there are multiple systems, or when it’s officially “launched”?

Back in my youth, I was huge on doing alpha/beta tests, but in every case I’d play 50-60 hours a week during testing then, by the time the game launched, I was sick of it. I don’t want that here. I don’t have the patience for bugs and crashes.

When SQ42 comes out (my guess is Q2’19), I will play the heck out of it, multiple play throughs, etc. For the PU, when the code stables out and they aren’t making major changes every month, when the last “pillar” is ready to go in. I played a lot in '13/14 and they completely changed the flight model 3x during that time…no sense in learning how to play and then relearning every few months, I’m too old for that :slight_smile:

To my knowledge, @Toruk and @Simdor are both the most active in the PU right now.

I get on to try a few things out when I can, usually around major releases to look at new things. But like Mac, I am not looking to get burned out before launch.
Welcome to the party!

Got on again today. Same o same o. I saw nothing different to do. I did not encounter any bugs which is a good thing!

I was in game about 6 hours yesterday. Two sessions of about 3 hours each.

But I was in the PTU helping one of the devs test survivability of the HammerHead. And it was not good results. A single hornet can take down a HH right now. Turrets are not where they should be, and the armor/shields of larger ships is a fraction of where it should be.

But all that aside, the latest build is super stable and runs at great fps with little to no stuttering.
Feel free to friend CimTaurus and send me a message on spectrum so I can friend you back. I am always looking to incorporate more players into the testing and messing around in the verse that I do :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying out 3.3 for a couple days, and I completely agree - it’s been a fantastic improvement on the framerate/stuttering side.

I’ll be sure to add you to my contacts next time I’m on (probably this weekend sometime). Thanks for the rundown!

Welcome aboard!