New player

So I just started playing. Did walkthrough and first mission. I like the concept but it seems like its a mission based game and there arent really any objectives… is that the case or have i just not gone in deep enough?

The game is not very good about explaining what you need to do next and once you start realizing how much content is in the game, it can start to become overwhelming. There are some objectives that you should work on first and once you get to a certain point, when your understanding of how the game systems work grows, you’ll want to make your own objectives.

I would suggest starting with unlocking the star chart. You don’t necessarily have to unlock every node on every planet to begin with. You can just make a path to the junction for each planet, which will unlock the next planet when completed. Along the way, you’ll unlock weapon and warframe blueprints and more importantly quests. Quests should be your secondary objective as you’re unlocking the star chart (particularly the story quests).

Along your star chart journey, you may want to farm for more frames and weapons, to expand your arsenal. You’ll also want to try to open up as many lockers, containers and resource nodes as you can stand while you’re going through the planets to start building up your resources. As you complete the story quests, the game really starts to open up. Once you complete the story quests, you’ll have a much better understanding of the game systems and also this is about where things sometimes get a little overwhelming since there are so many things to work on.

Hopefully that will get you started. Feel free to ask about anything. There are many people that play the game that would love to help. Also, the Warframe Wiki is a tremendous help. I usually keep it up in a separate tab when I’m playing the game.

I’m kinna with Sid. I retrieved my ship and it sent me to Earth, I think, to fix my comms. I assume for now I just keep following the story until I open more stuff, which will let me go more places? Being a total noob, I’m not sure I completely understand what it takes to open more of the star chart.

The wiki you linked looks great! It’s all very overwhelming still.

I just posted, a little bit of a starter guide in these forums. Its been a couple years since I was new, so If there is more that you need help understanding let me know and I will add to it. I just posted general info, so as not to spoil any of the quests etc.

Thorm also posted a thread that includes several good links for a deeper dive.