New recruit!


Looking to join up! New to EQ2, but enjoying it so far. Hoping to meet some new people, and have some folks around to show me the ropes. Thanks!


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Welcome! You’ll want to start here: Before You Apply… Things to Know - Join OTG - Old Timers Guild

The friendly Membership Officers will process your application after you submit it and we’ll get you going!

As soon as your profile name turns blue here in the forums ask for an invite in game! This is a good time to join the guild with the new xpac just released. :wink:

Still checking back to see if there were any changes. Not 100% familiar with this forum. Its a little confusing lol.

You will receive a Welcome message from your Membership Officer, they will add your to the Members Group and your name will become blue at that time. :smile:

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