New World Teaser

Looks great!

To be safe, @Truewall can neither confirm, nor deny, any alpha participation. We can’t wait for this strict NDA to be lifted so we can hear about all the good stuffz! :bookmark: ~Hashberry

Amazon has clarified on their Twitter (post below from @Truewall that it is ok to say if you are a tester! Post returned.

Originally posted by @Truewall:

I got my Alpha invite, let me know if anyone else is playing.

Be careful with what you post here. There is an NDA and it appears that it could be pretty restrictive.

If you participate in a Beta Test that we designate as confidential, you will keep all information about that Beta Test (including the Game and Game Content and related features and functionality provided in the Beta Test) and your participation confidential, including after public announcement of the Beta Test, until we give you authorization that you may disclose this information.

And this is actually only Alpha testing, not Beta (yet).

There is additional information from Amazon;

Please keep in mind that the New World Alpha Test is a confidential testing release that is subject to the pre-release NDA in the Amazon Games Terms of Use. Please do not disclose content from or information about the game or this Alpha Test. If you do, we may remove you from the Alpha Test.

Until we hear differently, there should be no discussion from the Alpha test including anyone’s participation

Sounds legit!

They state on their facebook page that invites are going out. We can always talk about spoons


I knew I had seen it somewhere

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Thanks for that @Truewall!

Many thanks for the clarification!