Newbee incoming

Just started playing, and really enjoying it. Hoping to get into the clan when possible. Thanks to Fore for helping my understanding to get me started :slight_smile:

Believe my in-game name is Palandu

Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole. I just cracked 100 hours and I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve even unlocked all the systems yet. o.O

Invite taken care of.

Welcome to the rabbit hole

A few more of us just started playing recently too! Our S&S group just discovered the game about two months ago. No idea how we never heard of this game before, but a couple other folks in OTG told us about it, and we have been hooked ever since!

Did not even realize there was a Warframe Discord channel or Discord voice till today, but now we do, so here we are! :smile: