No Man’s Sky

I got a chance to play last night after “NEXT” update. Personally I think it is great. Hello Games stuck with it and have delivered a polished game. If you gave up on the game way back, I recommend a second consideration. The graphic have been overhauled tremendously. The layout of space stations have been changed. Very sci-fi. All the icons avatar for resources and mods have been remade. There are storylines and quests that keep you engaged and challenged. 3rd person view has been added as well as character creation. Everything looks much crisper. I think it’s worth another try.

I played it for about an hour when it first came out but did give it a try yesterday. I can my early impressions are much more positive than they were the first time around. It looks cool and seems like it has a lot more variety of things to do now. So I’m with you, I’ll be giving it a more in depth second chance!

Just got it. Been watching since release but was not sure. Seems like a completely different and better game now from what I am reading.

I also played some more last night. Started out finding myself moved off the planet I’d been on to an updated space station. Went to the nearest planet … and can’t find the resource needed to recharge my thrusters to take off again. lol

But I do like what I saw of the changes so far.

I bought No Man’s Sky for half off on the summer sale. I am glad I didn’t play the game during the “bad old days” when it was first out. I have played the game for almost 200 hours now and still going. I watch the videos of the old days and say “Wow What a difference!”. Are there any groups from the guild?