November's Newsletter.....Enjoy!

Hehe. “We’re doing another round of money collection so we can grab those people from Carbine, Capcom and Telltale” :slight_smile:

they would be stupid to not take a shot at some of that talent if they can.

You beat me to it! :grinning:

Thanks for posting. Lots of good stuff this month, including a deeper dive into the perception system, a foreboding/foreshadowing lore piece, and the aforementioned hiring initiative.

Also… some really nice looking updated graphics!

I really like the updated graphics. I’ve been playing EQ for the last few months and have enjoyed going back, but the graphics are way outdated.

I wonder if the pre-alpha 4 is starting this month and ending in December or if they only forecast through the end of the year. If it ends in December, maybe there is hope that Alpha will start early next year.

I am looking forward to joining everyone in this game.

based on other pre-alphas it will be ending in December, but they have foretasted alpha for Q1 2019