Now a Professional Bodybuilder

3 years ago I posted on the old forum how I had gotten back into bodybuilding and competing in my first all-natural show in 23 years. I did well but came short of qualifying (winning) the show to be awarded a chance to compete as a professional Bodybuilder.

As of last weekend this 3 year journey has come to an end. At 41 years old I competed in a National Gym Association (NGA) bodybuilding show in Orlando Florida. This show is a drug tested super-natural show. With my family by my side I was fortunate enough to win all 3 divisions I entered, brought home not one but 2 pro cards (Open Men’s Bodybuilding & Masters Bodybuilding over age 40+) and surprisingly won Unmatched Athlete of 2018 (kind of like a best in show overall). I just waned to share with my online family since I posted 3 years ago when I started this journey.


Good for you, that is awesome. Hell of a body you got there. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations on achieving your goal.

Out of curiosity, are you the main cook for your family? How do you work out your dietary needs with the family meals? This has always been something I’ve wondered for bodybuilders with families. I imagine it causes small problems and annoyances over time, but you’ve been doing it so I wanted to ask.

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My wife is the main cook, I cook my own meals and sit down with my family and eat my stuff while they eat theirs. Since I meal prep when my wife isn’t cooking most of my meals are ready other than a quick microwave so my wife and I don’t really get in each others way in the kitchen. Good question.

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Congratulations, @shavlik!

Yours is a truly inspiring story. :weight_lifting_man:

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Holy crap, that’s amazing!

Great going and using excellent motivational skills we should all hope to achieve.

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Woohoo! I remember your post from back then. Congratulations on not just 1 win, but 3!!! Haha. That rocks.

Thanks for both posts. Your story inspires me.