NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series is here, Holy Cow!

Did you watch the NVIDIA press release event for the new GeForce RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 TI?

This RTX technology looks incredible and I think it will revolutionize real-time graphics. All of my GPUs I have purchased have been NVIDIA except one AMD card over the years. The new RTX has just given me a reason to upgrade video cards again, even though I really don’t need a new video card, but the RTX technology looks to good to pass up.

I am not going to paste any links, you can look on youtube later when NVIDIA makes everything public.

In-freaking-credible, NVIDIA has done it again.


I managed to slobber all over myself.

While the release information is indeed noteworthy, until I actually see a card in action, or a site gets cards to test with other-made bench-marking tools, I’ll hold my judgement to be interested at most.

Also, until I can actually AFFORD one of these, its really moot :wink:

And I’ve already seen several ‘reviews’ on Youtube with people being all happy with the fact Nvidia invented this really cool ‘raytracing’ stuff. :poop:

I don’t have a very high opinion of youtube reviewers to begin with, but that’s just pathetic. :joy:

We’ll see what the actual prices for these things will be once the blockchain miners get their hands on them. But what I’ve seen so far, looks good! Realtime Blender scene rendering, here I come!

The graphics look great in the video, even has me a bit worried that the release of Star Citizen just got pushed a couple more years as they rebuild the graphics engine to support Ray Tracing. But that price tag, the cheap one is still about 2x what I am willing to pay for a new system. :laughing:

I just hope CD Projekt Red is going to be doing their next release (or the one after that) supporting these!

Yeah i was pretty impressed, felt like i had gone to the future lol They show how much cool stuff we are missing currently in our games. But as far as buying one, unless the game is written for the raytracing i don’t think they will be much faster than a 1080 TI. I was thinking i’d wait until next years model when more games take advantage of it. But that 2070 coming out for $499 might be a good upgrade if the performance is near 1080 TI, we’ll have to see.

I hope more folks buy the RTX series like hot cakes that should drop the price of the 1080ti so others can upgrade as well at a fair price again .

I agree with everyone’s comments, I won’t be buying the RTX 20 Series GPU, at least not right now. Like most people have said the Ray Tracing feature is really not available in many games yet, but I do feel like this is the evolution future of graphics cards adding AI and ray tracing as a standard feature. Over the next few years we will see if get better, faster, cheaper and time goes by, costs drop as competition increases and as game developers or game engines developers build-in and utilize these new dedicated cores and functions.

hmmm i’d like to see some 1080 TI comparisons. There is some interesting info in this article. I would say it would be a good upgrade for anyone with a 900 series card.

Here’s a quote from the article linked above:
“The GTX 1080 Ti is, on average, 1.27x faster than the GTX 1080. If we assume that those averages hold across the ecosystem, we can expect the RTX 2080 to be roughly 1.23x faster than the GTX 1080 Ti at the same price point. There could be some shifts depending on resolution and detail level differences, but we’d expect those to favor the 1080 Ti if anything. Any bottleneck that specifically slowed the GTX 1080 would give the 1080 Ti’s additional horsepower more room to shine.”

I didn’t think the 20 series would really give a large boost to games i played, then i saw how ARK is improved in this chart:

They suspiciously hid the FPS rate for some game such as Battlefield V which showed noticeable drops in frame rates. I’m not sure having real time reflections on the water and on mirror-like surfaces is something that a gamer will ogle over. I’ll wait for real reviews before judging this.

I want one, but I’ll be waiting for EVGA to come out with their Hybrid version of the 2080ti before I get one.

The 2080’s are looking decent but I think for the first time in a while I may just stick with 1080ti sli and bypass the 20 series.

I don’t see any point in getting the 2080 at this point. (That’s 2 points).

But we’ll see how the price points change.

(More points can be had for points)

I get your point !