NVidia RTX 20 series

Have you seen the video about NVidia’s new GFx cards?
How many years do you supposed SC’s release will be pushed once CR decides the graphics engine needs to be updated to support Ray Tracing?

I don’t play SC, but LOL at your post!!!


Fortunately CIG has made it clear this is not something they are going to support before launch.
I see it as more of a gimmick really. I mean I understand ray tracing and how much better it can be for curves and clean lines. It is the best hit detection method for accuracy. But the whole nVidia push to make it something we need in a GPU is kinda meh.
Is it nice that the new cards have it and that they can also run 5-25 times faster than the previous generation of cards? Sure.
Is it something that we need in gaming? Not really. Ray tracing is nothing new and there have been graphics programs that have modeled using ray tracing for years. It is just way too expensive to be practical. I mean, it is nice that these cards have huge dedicated ray tracing GPUs but if that same power was being used in other ways less expensive you would see vastly greater performance.

So I am less than convinces it is anything but a passing gimmick for the time being. It may turn out to be more of a mainstream application in the future, but for now I am a solid pass.

The question is, if they weren’t getting hammered with criticism about the length of development time so far would that be something they would consider?

I kiiiiiiid I kiiiiiiid…

I certainly want a 2080ti abnd I’m certianly gonna get one within a year (maybee ven this year) but the ray tracing is not the sellingpoint to me, it is just an extra little gimmick. But I’m not gonna pick up a 2080ti until I see the EVGA Hybrid model show up.

GPUs have to really push the market to stand out and get market share. As someone who works tangential to that industry, I see it all of the time, coming up with features that we believe will be needed because it takes 5-8 years to bring them to market.