October Newsletter - Harvesting, Wolf-People, and More!

The October newsletter for Pantheon is here!

Good info on their approach to harvesting, new wolf-related species, and more. Enjoy!

Sounds like they’re getting a little closer :slight_smile:

Make sure you get your invite to the Discord channel for PA4. Message Design on the PA Forums for access!

Yeah. They really seem to be making good progress, @Rance. Lots of thought into the interplay of harvesting with overall gameplay and crafting. Good focus on continuing to build out the playable world, flesh out class progression, and rebalance all of the classes based on all of those tweaks.

And I’ll echo @Truewall: if you’re in PA when the next phase comes around, just send me a PM on the private forums and I’ll make sure you get set up for the NDA channel on Discord.

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Will do and thanks!