OK, I Applied... What Happens Now?

After you complete your application it will be placed in the Membership Applications Category.

One of our Membership Officers will tag it and work with you throughout the process.

  1. They will make a reply in your application thread introducing themselves and reminding you to check your Forum Messages for information or questions.
  2. They will review your application to make sure it is complete and that you will be a good fit for The Old Timers Guild. They may have questions for you during this process.
  3. After their review is complete, they will send you a Forum Message indicating the next step in the process.

We strive to be quick and fair in our review and we will always keep you informed as to where your application is in the process.

It’s your job to check your Application thread and Messages often to keep the process running smoothly. Note: To keep your application active, you must reply within 7 days to any Forum Messages.

You can find your Forum Message center by clicking on your avatar.