OK Where are all of you?

I just updated SC and spent an hour or so playing. The combat is much smoother than previous versions, and the missiles also seem to be working. Turrets are supposed to be improved with the second iteration of smart turrets in the works, though I haven’t tried that yet.

Where are all of you? Seriously! Mining is in, even though its in flux. As an Alpha goes it works ok. Great compared to the last few updates.

I usually play an for about an hour before work, then put in some playtime in the evening. Send me a FR:


cool thanks.

My PC was down for the count most of the weekend, but I am back up and running again. Had some issues with furniture - long story.

I have not been in game as much lately. Until they do more for ESP and fix combat I am only in half as much. I enjoy the mining game, but the payoff is pretty low. Cargo is tough since combat is messed up. Right now it is entirely unsafe to try and run large cargo ships without an escort, but few are hiring out as escorts because of ESP and combat being so wonky.

So the game is in a great state as far as performance, it runs quite well right now. Stability is strong and I rarely get active play time crashes. I still get one or two when logging out or switching menus, but not anything during flight time.
And while there is much to do in the verse, a lot of it requires combat to be in a better state before I can jump in and really enjoy playing.
That is not to say I do not log in, I still do daily, just for half as much time as before. Which is about 10 hours a week instead of my typical 20 hours a week :wink:

Friends lists got messed up with the last update to groups so you may have to send another friend request to see me. I will do likewise and hopefully catch you online some time soon.

Now waiting for further development. Playing Elite Dangerous til then.


Let me know if you want to team up in ED sometime.

Is there an elite dangerous forum? I’m looking for wing mates.

Or maybe a discord channel?

I think there is both actually…or there used to be. I do not see the subforum any longer, guess it died out.

I don’t have a prospector, so I don’t have a reason to try anything new.

There’s no content I really want to do because the verse is too murderhobo.

For a few weeks, we had competitive AC folk and pvp folk actively making like hell. None of the systems enabling actual white knighting in the verse exist right now.

I have no reason to play right now. Maybe when a3.3 goes PTU.

I finally got me a 1080ti to play on this 40" 4K monitor with better performance. I am planning on doing a bit of minor comp upgrading and doing a new install of Windows this fall and then getting back into Star Citizen. I work a lot of extra hours from July through November so I’m waiting for that to be over to get back into the game and have more time to devote to it.