Old n00b question about unlocking masteries

Hey guys!

So, I finally got around to returning to GW2, and picked up both expansions while they were on sale. I see there are lots of new systems in place now, and one of them is the mastery system.

Obviously, this came with Heart of Thorns, so most of you unlocked it by playing that content, years ago. However, I just rejoined with both expansions, and I see I have the option of unlocking it by starting either campaign.

I have every intention of playing through both expansions at some point, and it will probably make more sense (story wise) to do them in order… however, I also haven’t totally finished the original storyline and am now apparently capped until I unlock masteries.

Soooo, my long winded question is: which expansion’s opening act should I play for the purpose of unlocking masteries? I know there’s also the glider and mount issue, but I don’t even know if that’s something you can do without pushing through large chunks of content. Mastery seems like a quick thing to unlock and then I can actually go back to the original story if I want?

Hmm… you might do the opening story of both to unlock gliding and the raptor mount, both of which would be helpful in traversing the PvE world.

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Take a look at the table on this wiki page. It will tell you how far you have to go to unlock the mastery system in HoT or PoF.


It’s basically the first little bit of story for either expansion. You don’t have complete the initial mastery, just unlock it.

Note that you must be 80, and the XP you earn is partitioned by region. That is, XP earned in Tyria only counts towards Tyria masteries, XP earned in HoT zones only counts towards HoT masteries, etc. The wiki explains in more detail.

Sounds good. Yeah, I hit level 80 before I even got to Fort Trinity in the original storyline, so I figure I’ll take a couple small spoilers to unlock things so I’m not “throwing away” XP, by being capped.

And, having a mount and glider to get around seems like a nice thing in general.