Old Timers Guild No Drama Server?

Saw a server popup on the list tonight with several mods titled “Old Timers Guild - No Drama”, is that an official OTG server?

Do we have a discord channel for the OTG server?

From what I understand, Conan Exiles is not currently officially supported by OTG. There are several servers that OTG members have put up with their own resources that they have opened to other OTG members, but I don’t believe there is an official server (please correct me if I’m wrong though). The server you found might be hosted by an OTG member, but I don’t remember seeing a post about that one in particular.

The official OTG Discord server has a text and voice channel for Conan Exiles under the Miscellaneous section. I think those channels are for general Conan Exiles use and not for any one server though. Some of the member-run servers may have their own Discord channels on private servers.