[OPEN] Tomb of Annihilation - Sundays 7PM-10PM EST

STATUS: OPEN - seeking a member

The central theme of this adventure is Death. I would like to ask you all if you’d like to implement the harder rules out of the book, which change a few things to make the adventure a bit more serious and consequential. Yea or Nay?

The Yeas seem to have it. We will be using the “Meatgrinder Variant”.

You call may begin CharGen and get with me on your characters. Just because they might die a bit easier doesn’t mean I don’t want to give em the same love and attention I give others.

Vulreyn’s Table Rules

  1. Behave yourself. (Should go without saying)
  2. Don’t take the game personally.
  3. Players and Characters must be able to work with the table and party.
  4. Properly Label/Declare all of your rolls.
  5. My table is a NO WHINING zone.


Your character’s values -> informs their actions -> which informs their alignment. Players choose starting alignment, the Dungeon Master judges and moderates them.

This table uses 2nd Edition alignment rules: If you deviate too much (without colluding with the DM), the punishment is loss of deity’s powers and/or double total exp to level.

Character Sheets

I like having copies because THINGS HAPPEN. Each Level, please update me with a printable sheet or relevant E-file.

Roleplaying the Game

You should be roleplaying the mechanics that you use. Example: If you take a Paladin Oath, that is something that has to actually happen in the game.

Clerics, Paladins, and Warlocks - Your deity and patron are important and will probably be demanding a lot of you.

Character Generation

Please use the standard array. (PHB 13)

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Looks like we finally migrated to the new forums

may be running a little bit lat Sunday. 15-30 mins.

Something came up, I’ll see if I can drop in around 8 or so… Sorry for the late warning…

I Know I am late into the campaign are 1/2 elves allowed and what level I know 27pt buy. Correct me if I am wrong. Thx.

@daevil Standard Array, please.

Half-Elf is allowed. Go ahead and PM me for more.

Level to start? I probably go with a 1/2 elf pally need a little more fleshing out the character. 27 pt buy is the standard right

Standard Array is 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 - arrange to suit. And then modify for racial stat bonus and level up stat bonus depending on start level.

Vul prefers standard array to the 27 point buy system. There are some DM’s who will let you do either way though.

Wave to everyone else. Hope you all are having a great time in the game.


Thanks I arranged mine as a 27 pt buy which gives me str 14, con 14 dex 10 int 10 wis 10 and Cha 14. but with the 1/2 elf bonuses ends up as 15, 15, 10, 10, 10 and 16 respectively. thx

The Books from the Avatar series are as follows:


Examining the TI8 Schedule, I think we’re clear for tomorrow, so If you guys are still open, we do not need to cancel!

I’ll be available to play!

As a reminder:

We WILL be playing on the 26th.

As well, it is time to start considering who’s taking over for me after this campaign ends. I’ll be going on my off-season to wrap up Lost Mines and work on new material. Prospective DMs should have something about 12 weeks long.

Any clue yet as to weather we are using discord or mumble today?

I’m in mumble right now - when mumble goes down we’ll switch to discord - please prepare yourselves for Mumble to not be here anymore one day.

I am in DIscord Games section Group 1. Let me know if you all want me else where. Thanks.

Paging Kayin! PM me when you can!

Kayin seems to have gone missing, so I’ll be opening the group again. If he returns, that’s fine.

Chargen rules are Standard Array (PHB 13). We’re doing PHB+1book chargen.

Due to a few things, I think we’ll be taking tonight off - by next week (sept 30) we’ll be resuming with or without a filled chair and we’re forging ahead.

thanks. =)

Hey guys sorry for the late notice but I have to go pick up my granddaughter at 6 et and won’t be back until after 8, so I will miss this week.