Organizing a testing group

With alpha1 within next couple months, I wanted to see if anyone is interested in an organized testing group.

Without more information, I cant give specifics for days/times but I was thinking Saturday and/or Sunday in the evening. I am pacific time so the earliest I can devote a large amount of time is 6pm PDT which is 9pm EDT.

Additionally, I wanted to organize a similar but separate group for weeknight playing. At first it would be testing then would evolve into primarily group content. The earliest I could start would be 7pm PDT though so keep in mind if you are interested.

Basically, I am all-in for this game. I pledged enough to get in alpha1 and with that kind of investment, I want my money’s worth. I would really like to get a bunch of folks wanting to group together on a regular basis to hang out and enjoy the game.

From what I understand the servers aren’t going to be up all the time in alpha 1, so organizing times might be better put off until they tell us more.

I am pretty sure the server will be up on weekend evenings.

I am just killing time waiting now. I will be in asap and likely for too many overall hours :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be testing a fair amount early on since I’m retired :slight_smile:

I work the night shift Monday through Friday so weekend evenings sounds good to me. Probably be the only time I’m able to play during the Alpha, I doubt servers will be up at 3am when I get home during the week

I am retiring from Boeing on Dec. 21st. (will be 59 years young) Until then, my shift starts so early (6am pacific time) that I can not stay up too late. But after that, I’m ALL IN. I purchased into Alpha 1. Can’t wait to start!

They should raise the age limit for OTG. I’m tired of seeing this place get inundated with kids. And worse, you’re from Washington! Go Ducks! :smiley:

My schedule is pretty open so I’m up for some group testing whenever.

Would be interested in grouping up :slight_smile: I read that the more we play the more “” that Alpha One backers will be entitled to unique cosmetics reflective of your participation during these testing periods, the more you test, the more rewards you will be able to achieve! ( A special thank you from the team <3 ) We will reveal more about these rewards in the near future.""

Based on my recent experience, I think grouping up for these initial sessions might be difficult. We’ll see, but it might not really work out…yet. I think in the near future it will be much easier and doable. But if it’s possible to get a group going, count me in!

Yeah, the Battle Royale especially is more a contest to make it through the waiting room, into a game session and see how long you stay connected. :wink: So play a lot for more chances at cosmetic goodies, but I dunno if we even have group creation at this point?