OTG Citizen group up on Live alpha server Sunday 2pm central (ish)

I plan to be in and out of the game most of the afternoon. For anyone who is interested in joining up, we will be meeting up in the US servers around 2pm today central time.

Best way to get into the same instance is to make sure you are friends with someone in that instance BUT the good news is that it is no longer required. You can be invited to the group across instances now and you should be able to join up. I said should, I suppose we can test that today.

No real plan for any particular event, we can do whatever anyone suggests. I would like to put together an escort run for mining/cargo if we get enough people.
It would require at least one cargo ship[ or miner (Prospector), 2-4 escorts (fighters mostly though some support ships could be included if we get the folks for it).

If we really have a good turn out we could do some planet side races or justy group together to visit some landmarks - like the crashed Jav.

And if we just have a couple of folks, that’s ok too, we can run missions and haul cargo and just enjoy the nice frame rates and stable servers.

Feel free to PM me if you need to make sure you are friended to me on RSI site so we can get you into an instance. And be sure to friend CimTaurus there right away.

See you in the verse!

Thanks for hanging out Vulreyn that was fun stuff. Hope we see more folks next time!

Sorry, I was in a different country so away from desktop. If we set something like this up again and I’m in the Country, I would like to join. :slight_smile: