OTG Clan

Do we still have a clan for WoT?

There is a clan, but not much going on besides clan bonuses. There is one open spot. Send me your in game name and I’ll setup the invite.

Man Sup your still in WoT? LOL name is same as here bud

I submitted App to Clan

Actually I show 2 OTG clans, OTG and then OTG-1

I don’t have the rights anymore. You’re gonna need to hit up TehArgz or Qyet for the invite.

Waves to the Superles.

I have been out of this game for several years, is this game really worth coming back to? How about Warships?

There are a few folks that still play Warships regularly. I still enjoy myself. I have poked my head into Tanks every so often, but don’t stay very long. Give a shout if you need a clan invite in warships. While there isn’t any chatter it’s good for the buffs.

Hey could I get an invite to the World of Warships clan? username 1CrimDelaCrim

Would have invited you tonight, but you are in another clan.

Sorry about that, I’ll fix it tomorrow.

Let me know if you still want that invite.