OTG Video Update - Call for Video Designer

Are you creative with too much time on your hands?

Do you really want to show off your mad video/sound skills? (Come on, you know you do!)

OTG needs you!

It’s time to update our OTG Recruitment Video. Here’s what we need:

  1. Someone who has the technical knowledge and ability to edit/splice content from different games, using a music soundtrack to create a 90-120-second recruitment video.
  2. Content should be actual footage/screenshots from OTG games this time, preferably showing OTG members doing cool stuffs. This will come from the individual chapters. As such the Video Designer may need to assist the PR staff and help some chapters with recording, quality, ideas, etc.
  3. Help PR design a script.
  4. Follow direction from and work closely with the PR staff.

Interested members should contact @Aerythe via PM here on the forums.

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Thanks so much to those who have answered the call for this. We have quite an excellent team now.

MUDD is our Lead Tech Designer, with Copstash and I doing the script, music, etc. Others will be joining us with feedback and such.

Thanks again, my lovely OTGers!