Pantheon Game Dev Lead

I am saddened to announce that due to RL (stupid RL), Moriir will be stepping down as our lead for Pantheon. A huge thanks to @moriir for all of the hard work and time put into this game. Happy gaming, Moriir!

That means we have an opening for a lead for Pantheon. Please message @Dewald and myself for a chat if you are interested in helping out. I think this game has some great potential!

The good news is that we found a great candidate to follow Moriir. Jerthil has accepted the Game Development Lead role for Pantheon. Please send him thanks & congratulations and help him get all settled in.

Welcome @Jerthil! Thank you so much for stepping up! I’ll try not to scare you too much… :woman_zombie:

Congo Rats @Jerthil!!

If you haven’t chased me off yet, the odds aren’t good you will now :slight_smile: Thanks for the welcome!!

Thank you, Jerthil!

Congratulations & condolences, @Jerthil. :smiley:

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Congratulations and ty for stepping up to the plate.

Grats Jerhil :slight_smile:

Thank you, Jerthil!

grats most devinitely

Thanks for stepping up Jerthil.

Don’t listen to him…

Thanks for stepping up. This does NOT mean you get to slack in WoW though! :rofl:

Thanks, Jerthil. We’ll take it easy on you. Really, we will. :smiling_imp:

Appreciate your stepping up Jerthil!

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Pantheon isn’t sharing much juicy gossip right now, so it totally looks like I am slacking, but as soon as they put out something yummy for our eyes, I promise you will find it here!

Please let me know if I can help any of you in any way.

Here’s to the waiting lol Cheers!

Thanks for stepping up as lead!

This game is still in that mode where they are like here is some info!!! and then months of nothing. Wish it was alpha already :frowning: