Pantheon HYPE - What's Got You Most Interested?

The Pantheon: RotF development and testing process is chugging along. We’ve got great interest here in OTG, as evidenced by the pledge-tracking thread. I’d love to hear what you’re most excited about!

Are you a crafty person looking to make your mark in a new economy? Perhaps you’re more of the adventurous type, aiming to conquer dungeons and fell the most fearsome foes. Or maybe you’re just looking for a return to challenging, group-based gameplay.

Whatever has piqued your interest so far and tempted you to make your way to Terminus, let us know!

I like to explore the world. I also like challenges. I remember working on my gnome wizard reputation in EQ to enable him access to Neriak and I remember working on my erudite shadowknight to get him access to the lizard’s city of Cabilis without the guards killing him.

Learning all of the languages in the game was fun too.

I like crafting, but that takes money that I usually don’t have at the early stages of the game. By the time I get some crafting money, my gear winds up being better than what I could craft. If I pick up crafting, I’m usually twinking my alts with the gear that I make.

Awesome, @Modu.

Seems like the Perception system they’re building out might be right up your alley, with its focus on continuous exploration.

I like the idea of them bringing back challenging group focused game play; most games these days if you are in a group you just breeze through everything outside of dungeons. I also like the idea that dieing will be a little more than just a very minor inconvenience; it just adds that little something when you win that close fight imo. I am also looking forward to the crafting and exploring side of Pantheon.

Also so far I am likign the little twists they are giving to the various classes and races to make them different from the same ol same ol; just wish Brad would bring the Blood Mage and Disciple back out of retirement.

I’m with you there, @Trox.

I’ve never played a game that was truly group-focused. They’ve all been very solo-friendly with group content like dungeons and raids as completely optional. It’s one of the biggest reasons I’m so interested in Pantheon. For me, when it’s so easy to do things solo, it’s also much easier to miss out on the social aspects that originally drew me to OTG in the first place.

We’ve got great folks here, and Pantheon seems like a great way to get more involved with them!