Pantheon July 2018 Newsletter

Hi all!

More delicious visuals and fantasy-inducing class details await you in this months newsletter. Find out more below!!


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That dwarf pic…so good…

My thoughts exactly!!

Healers!!! Ooooooo, love the Druid abilities.

All 3 have some interesting abilities.

I’m liking the druid too. I was looking to see what kind of rez the healing classes had and it looks like only the cleric has a battle rez or a rez that returns partial lost XP. I didn’t notice that ability with the other two classes. The shaman has possibilities, but it pales compared to the cleric when I watched the Black Rose Keep gameplay.

First toon…Dwarf Cleric :grinning:

Can hardly wait until the newsletter for August is released! More info on classes I hope!