Pantheon May newsletter

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Well at least I can do my Dwarven Rogue. I so wanted a Dwarven Monk, but the Skar looks like a good choice. I see I will be able to have a Dwarven Bard!!

Anyone know if they are going to be at Pax West in Seattle at the end of August?

Currently it isn’t looking like they will. It could change but that’s what we were told on the discord.

Thanks for the info.

That sucks as it would be relatively easy for me to go to that. And, why are they catering to the east coast folks and ignoring us west coasters??? I suppose if they don’t waste time going to PAX and we get to play sooner, I could give them a pass on an apparent snub.


Be positive about it. This way, maybe server down times will be finished by the time we hit PST. :slight_smile: