Passing the time

So what is everyone doing while they wait for CoE?
ESO for me atm along with some mobile games.

I’m messing around in ARK again these days.

I thought about doing some ARK again, lots of new updates and I always loved the game. The issue was always either play on a public official server and deal with the dominant tribe wiping you constantly or set up a private server, but not get nearly any pvp. Launch was a great time when everyone was on an even playing field. If I did rejoin it would have to be on a server that resets every few months or something or even half a year. I have a server capable of running it but there would have to be an interest by alot of people. I didn’t look, some one else in OTG might already have one, I didn’t look.

WoW! err world of warcraft…lol

Been there, never regret my wow times, many good times.