PC Gamer Update on Some Coming Fallout 76 Features (including "looking into" in-game text chat)

PC Gamer Article:

If you have a desire for more in-game text and guild administration features, you should really go to the Bethesda website and say so. :slight_smile:

At least they’re listening to PC players with PC issues, that’s a thumbs up from me. Quite often these sort of issues/complaints/problems get waved away with “But it can’t be implemented on console.”

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I am both a life long PC and Console gamer, and I have been watching over the years as these once distinct platforms begin to slowly but surely slide together. I think Bethesda and other companies see the market value, and so are trying to close the gap.

It is only a hunch, but I suspect the interface gap between console and PC are slowly closing. Hardware will always differ, but as more and more console systems adopt support for Mouse and Keyboard, and more and more PC gamers adopt peripherals such as controllers; the natural next step is to begin closing the UI gap.

I think we can expect to see more and more games supported on all platforms (regardless of truly integrated cross play limitations or potential).

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We’ll see what happens, but I for one generally intensely dislike having “Console UI’s” in a PC game.

There is absolutely no valid reason to have to scroll through 50 options if you can just click one of 50 boxes. That’s just the most obvious one, though.

One thing I do appreciate is a well executed reticule that let’s me interact with things. But far too many games do this to the exclusion of actually being able to use a mouse, which then becomes just annoying if you have to try to move your character just so to be able to click on that little AARGH@$#(*&@#