Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP, memes flood reddit

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This didn’t come as a huge surprise considering we knew they were defiantly shopping around to cash in their chips while they could for the best price. I’m sure EA/WB and co low balled them, so they went to a company that doesn’t really understand what they are getting into thanks to the convenient language barrier. anyone can see the writing on the wall. I’m sure once they grasp fully what they have purchased they will A ruin it with p2w cashshop like bdo or B flip it to another company after firing ccp staff that are unwilling or unable to move to their English speaking offices.

tldr hey ccp employees, if you’re reading this dust off the resume, and reup your certs; this merger is going to be bad for you soon™.

this is really the last nail in the coffin for me and comes at a really convenient time. I’ve won at eve.

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ah right one more thing, most likely XingCode will be implemented onto eve online in the future which is the 3rd party spyware rootkit bdo uses to police their game.