Player made dungeons

Hey everyone…
So I am excited with player made dungeons… maybe we could see who has what to start out and add any info we gain from using them here?

  • Point dungeons are based on lots size with the option to scale those points up.
  • Made from dropped blueprints from mobs when released
  • currently you can get the entrance recipe from the Brittany deco merchant or blacksmith. You can then change the entrance appearance to the add on store versions of higher difficulty.
  • Not sure how many we can have on a lot, but the livestream didn’t seem to limit them.

I plan on experimenting around with these after I get my brewing business started. Should be interesting, but I might need help with farming blueprints. Something about this combat system just doesn’t click with me and I suck at killing things solo.

Looking forward to getting out and about and experiment too. I haven’t had much time of late to play sadly. Hopefully after beginning of November.