Please forward a Discord Link/Invite

I am one the last stragglers in Mumble. I installed Discord but do not have an invite/link.
Can’t find a post in here to tell me where to go or what to do. I suggest posting instructions in the Mumble MOTD.
Would appreciate assistance getting moved over.

You probably couldn’t find it because you had not yet been granted Member status on the new website. I fixed you up.

As for Discord, use the link in this post:

After you get it installed and you connect, one of the greeters will have to promote you to member status before you can see all the private channels. The second post in that same thread explains that bit:

In the interests of helping you figure out how to find stuff here on the new website, you can try the search (magnifying glass in the upper right corner) or look at the posts with the “discord” tag in the Help Center category: