Post Halloween Patch

The eternal night is over. I did like the meteors though.
Also a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to the event log.

And a bunch of new bugs to contend with.

You’ll probably find that all your advanced recipes are gone. If you remove your thrall from the crafting station then put it back, the recipes reappear, temporarily.

I can’t actually access half my crafting stations at all at the moment, doing so crashes the client. That’s something I’ve seen before, a slow load, the client lags so far behind the server just after logging in that they get out of step and the whole shebang comes crashing down. Their network code is… suspect.

The halloween thing was fun, sort of. The contents of the meteors was pretty good though I have no idea why funcom think I need 30 dragon heads…

yeah, looks like one of the mods was causing at least the problems with the stations. I swapped out “unlock+ with pickup” for just “pickup+”. I updated the server mods page at
Give it a try.