Posting here

i’m still a little confused as to what i’m supposed to do. It said to post on this thread so here I am.

What was “it” that said to post under Off Topic?

If you just registered on this site, then you were probably trying to post in the following thread, but someone already fixed you up with a promotion to Member, so you don’t need to now.

just a quick post thanking everyone for the help in getting me in guild and a chance to re-acquaint myself with the OTG family :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :smiley:

I’ve looked all over, is there a specific thread I should be looking at to get the discord url? or do I have to be invited? if so (invited) I’m on discord as livid#1060

Welcome aboard!

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Hi I am a returning OTG member and checking to see if I can be readded. Username was Cherish and I played Blade and Soul etc with you guys.

Welcome back