Pre-Alpha 4 - NOT Tomorrow!

Hello fellow Pantheon fans,

Since VR publicly announced the dates of PA-4 in their newsletter, I wanted to post a quick reminder in this forum.

  • PA-4 sessions start tomorrow!

  • If you have not done so already, make sure you join the main OTG Discord channel. Here’s the forum post with the invitation link. Don’t discuss PA stuff there, though. :slight_smile: It’s just a necessary preliminary step in order to do the following…

  • Once you’ve joined the main channel, send me a PM on VR’s Pre-Alpha forum. Let me know your OTG name, which should match your Discord username. I’ll then get you set up on the private NDA Discord channel so that we can all communicate during testing without breaking the NDA.

Have fun during the upcoming testing sessions!



And… testing session delayed. Keep an eye on your email for the announcement and on the PA forums for updates.

On the bright side, this gives us more time to get everyone into the NDA channel! So go get Discord set up if you haven’t already, follow the steps in the link above, then PM me on VR’s PA forum.

See you all soon!