Pre-Alpha 5.6; Shaping Empires

Our focus for Crowfall’s® 5.6 milestone included the creation and implementation of the vassal system, a revamp of skills, and the first steps towards procedural world generation. With vassals, players can give their friends permission to place parcels and buildings within their Eternal Kingdom, opening the door to massive cities and sprawling marketplaces. The Campaign Worlds are even more dangerous, as the AI are now smarter and more aware. The inclusion of the Fae and male versions of the Wood-Elf and High-Elf was an added bonus, and these Races give players even more flexibility in their playstyle.

Be sure to join us when 5.6 hits the LIVE environment. We’ll need your help to test these new systems and the progress on parts of the game you already know and love.

Take a look at our overview video for a taste of all that 5.6 has to offer. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the discussion thread. We’ll see you in game!

Are you ready to jump into the world? All Starter Packs include access to our 24/7 LIVE servers now and through the end of testing as well as a digital copy of Crowfall at launch.