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I took a tour a week or so ago of the goblin boards and seems like old content is a good avenue for gold making now that BFA seems to be saturated. I had spent a bit of time getting my garrisons in order when I had the concussion (was easy to do that then), and am starting to see fairly good gold generation. Thought I would pass it along here in case any of you have a few garrisons that you wish to fire up for gold.

  1. Rep tokens- there are unbound Draenor rep tokens that come from rare treasure missions. I am not sure whether these are the missions that show up from the Inn (probably) or the Barracks. I am not sure what item level your followers need to be to see them. But you get this greenish token that gives you something like 1000 rep for all Draenor factions, and those sell for around 10K each. I have 8 garrisions alliance side, and I have seen 3 of these.

  2. Pets- I think you get the molten Corgi? from missions. They sell for crap. Under 30g each. Not worth it. Havent been able to sell one, even by undercutting for several weeks.

  3. Goblin gliders- engineering, fur, ore- were going for 500-1000g for a stack of 20, seems like market is saturated, am getting hardly any sales.

  4. 30 slot bags- running for around 1700-2000g each, I post 4 at a quick undercut and am lucky if I move 1. Not a high volume item

  5. Fur, stacks of 200- can move a lot of this fairly quickly. Once you get your garrison fully operational with around 6-8 extreme scavengers, you will generate so many garrison resources that you can buy rush orders for the Barn at 1000 garrison resources each. I typically dump extra GR into these to avoid capping. Trapping alphas for the barn can be tedious, and you have to remove pieces of gear so you do not one shot them. But typically I can get around 150 trapped in 30min. You can then let your skinner slowly work that into fur over time, or you can rush order them for quick turnaround. This is my main grind out the money mode, and I have been going easy here trying not to saturate. Note 5 barn quick completion scrolls will net you a couple 200 stacks of fur, and those go for 500-1000g a stack.

  6. BOA blues and purples. The blues you get from ship missions are 7-20g each, the purples 30g+. The blues you get from scavenger boxes are worth only copper, and the only way to really profit is to grind them into dust for enchanting.

  7. Draenor herbs and ore- the time spent gathering these is almost not worth it. But if you have a scavenger structure, you can get passive yield of this that can accumulate over many days.

  8. Ogre caches, tradeable oil, unbound +50 armor and weapon kits- I am not selling these since I am banking them for the next alt to hit garrison level. Imagine they would sell really well.

  9. Potions of giant growth- come from missions, I can usually sell a stack for 20g for 20. Slow moving item.

  10. Trading post quest items- I have 3 of these, and am missing one, that requires you do to Draenor end game missions. The one I was trying to get to complete the garrison auction house was listing for 130K. Imagine if you want to spend time hunting this stuff it could move.

Basic setup to max cash

A. Get garrison mission manager addon. Saves so much time in sending people out. I typically set the global mission chance at 70% and leave all of the other settings at defaults. I use the fleet boot option for the navy, which gathers up the mission results from navy, then sends out the ships immediately. I typically use the gather missions option for the regular table, and hand pick the missions I need. Typically I look for rare missions (like rep tokens and ogre caches). If followers are not all 675, I will then prioritize follower upgrade tokens. If they are all 675, I go for the things that net gold like blue BOAs, purple BOAs, hearthstone decks etc. Once all of those high points are hit, I click the fleet boot to send out the rest on whatever the algorithm says, which tends to keep me flush in GR and salvage.

B. Structures- T3 garden, mine, barn, stables, barracks, inn, storage, scavenger. Pet menagerie is useful for Wirt. Fishing structure is largely useless. You have one free structure left. Good picks are tailor if you are a tailor, blacksmith if you are running Draenor content still for no gear damage, or any other profession structure until you max that profession. A good option is to go trading post first until you are flowing in garrison resources, then convert it to a barn. Do not stick followers in structures you do not use- send them out on missions instead.

C. Followers- you will need 6-8 extreme scavengers with an even mix to counter all the threats. Around 3-5 grease monkeys if you are doing the navy. Replace all bodyguards with recruits from the inn once a week. Max one at 675 before you start another, as there are step upgrades (615, 630, 645) which come from missions that can catch up the other guys. Use things like hearthstone pro, grease monkey, bird watcher to respect professions you do not use to something useful.

D. Navy- I have 8 fleet tables in the main hall now. Ideal mix is something like 2 battleships, 3 subs, 2 carriers, 2 destroyers, 1 transport. Crew them with murlocs or humans. Use extra resources from garrison to buy ship quick completion scrolls (500 GR each), and recruit a ship, dismiss it, until you get the human mix. Once you have humans upgrade their ships to indestructible (that requires a rep grind to unlock). Navy yields sorcerous mats. Earth is good for bags, other resources are not much good for anything though I think you can transmute them with an alchemist to what you need. I can sometimes move a 200stack of sorcerous mats for 200g each (1g per unit). Main money makers are BOA blue gear. Overall the time sink into doing this has not really paid off for me, and I would only do this on 1 character just to get the heirlooms. The other big thing about the navy is you generate a pile of apexis crystals and primals. Apexis lets you buy stuff like battle pets, but the really good ones that sell for good gold on the AH require exalted to buy from the vendor. Primals let you speed up time gated crafts like hexweave. Overall anything severely time gated in crafting that can be put on the AH tends to give you the best profit, and these primals can speed that up. I have not really gone in deep here from the crafting angle.

E. Scavenger hut- You are not really going to make a lot of money here, but you will volume churn a lot of missions and generate a lot of boxes. I use an autohotkey spammer to open these up rapidly, and let a big pile accumulate before opening. You get ore, herbs, skins, fur from these that can sell in stacks. The big bonus is for free GR per box (typically 15-20 a box), and follower upgrade tokens which rapidly accelerates things. If you have a new toon, be sure to do the Spires of Arak quest to unlock the scavenger hut structure. Getting 25 followers to 675 item level takes time, and this speeds that process up a bunch.

F. Time sink v. gold earn. Right now I have all my characters logged out in the garrison at the mission table. To log into each, send the guys out, takes about 30min for 8 structures. Seems like most of the time is slow loading speed. I likely have too many addons. Sending them out 2x a day for 1 month netted me around 200K gold. Here I have vendored some of the BOA stuff (been saving some of those for alts), done some barn fur churning, tried gliders, sold rep tokens. Did some ore and herb trading, mostly as I accumulate more than I can hold in my bank. Note this was 200K net for my account, and each fresh 120 costs me some money to set up. This is all passive- I am not generating repair bills doing this stuff. I suppose had I just spent 1hr a day herbing in BFA I would net more. But who knows, as time goes on, and people skip Draenor, I think this stuff will only rise in value.

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Thank so much for all of your research and posting this. I greatly appreciate the info!

Goblin Gliders have competition in Seamist potions, which are arguably better.

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Those Seamist pots come from BFA herbs right? This thread was more about what profits from the old world content, although if Seamist pots are indeed better, that might explain the drop in demand for goblin gliders. The thing about goblin gliders is they have no low end to the usage level, but Seamist requires level 100. So you can give gliders to an alt to use all the way up, wherease Seamist would be for Legion and above content.


I think Gliders decreased as the various alternate flight paths opened up thru Rep. People are now just flying to the WQs on the map then using the Whistle, than riding to high vantage points and gliding.

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Exactly why I mentioned it. Even though those old mats exist and have use, contemporary competition is going to have an affect on their price.

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