Pvp or what?

Convince me that AoC isnt
Going to be a BDO or crowfall type pvp game
That has very little PVE at end game. I backed this game with idea of a next generation design on the classic MMO model. PVE mostly except ‘over there’ and battle grounds if you like that kind of thing. I am not ok with forced pvp in any form. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

While there is a tremendous amount of PvE in AoC, there definitely is PvP that isn’t locked away in an arena.

If you expect to run Trade Caravans or Trade Ships from city to city without PvP, then you’re going to be greatly dissapointed.

There is a very strong system in place to dissuade random ganking, so basic gathering/harvesting out in the wilds should be okay.

If you’re totally allergic to PvP though, this is not the game for you.

Now with that being said, support to retaliate or ward off forced PvP will be very strong in this game. We will be mostly in the same area, working to level up our town/city so other OTGers should be available to help discourage the gank-minded individual.

The core design of contested land areas, contested trade running, etc means that PvP will always be a possibility in this game. No way around that.

It takes a TON of PvE style play to level up a city. My initial feeling is that all out PvP is going to be mostly when you leave home and make yourself vulnerable, as in moving with a Trade Caravan, a harvesting Mule, etc Since someone can get some of your gathered resources from your Mule if you are attacked and killed out in the wilds, that is a possibility for conflict.

The world is bloody huge though, and it’s not likely that you’re going to run into others if you’re in the region our node is in. Other guilds in our region will be working to level the region as well, so they’re basically allies to start with.

My issue with open world PvP is ganking. I don’t mind getting jumped in a fight where I have a chance to either win or escape… but being one-shotted, or being pummeled into the ground with no chance to fight back or get away is just not fun.

Gone are the days when everyone was a teenager and could spend the hours to always leave town in a group, and always commit to the hours needed to organize and do big harvesting or trading runs in a large enough blob to be safe.

I still like doing that, but as with raiding in other games, it’s a thing I can only bring myself to do every so often because of real life.

If the open world PvP system doesn’t address this in some way, then the game belongs to high school and college kids who can sit in packs, all day long, controlling their corner of the map and not letting anyone else through it.

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If it helps, I have seen dedicated pvpers starting to complain that they won’t be able to gank with the system in place, and others complaining that it’s likely there won’t be much bounty hunting to be had because the system as described discourages ganking so well there won’t be any corrupted players to hunt.

Yep, the Gank-Squad isn’t happy with the way that AoC is designed so that should be a good indicator right up front. :wink:

The Devs themselves do not like Ganking. They’re quite against it and if the Corruption/Bounty system doesn’t do enough to keep it down to a once in a blue moon thing, they’ll take stronger steps against it.

On the flip side there’s a lot of PvE ONLY folk trying to talk them into making a PvE version of AoC and they have strongly stated it’s just not going to happen. Some things have to be fought over with the node system and caravans. (but then that’s organized, group PvP)

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i am not appose to some PVP in general. If its done well. PVP done well would be a DOAC example. Where it matters to the world and has some meaningful PVP content. PVP done poorly would be like EVE where the “Safe” areas are not really safe. It might be a bit to early to judge how the bounty system will matter.

I think the main PVP action will come in the forms of siege warfare, monster modes, and caravans. You should be good. :slight_smile:

If you have zero interest in wpvp at all you could always focus more on being a crafter rather then gathering. Sounds to me like the majority of wpvp will be trying to steal crafting mats. Pretty sure when it come to professions in ashes my more you specialize the better you’ll be at you chosen profession. If we all pick 1-2 thing to specialize in and work together I see it benefiting us more then everyone just doing their own thing.