Q&A about upcoming alpha 1!

Steven did an impromptu Q&A in discord about the upcoming alpha!! Someone kindly recorded it and posted it on youtube. It sounds pretty awesome. There will be a guild mode queuing where you can queue for some events with up to 19 friends! An interesting thing they noted about guilds is that the current cap is 300, and that is obtained by “leveling the guild and selecting the path of size rather than guild skills.” They go into that a little bit more in questions.

He says that the servers will start by being up for a couple of hours, then progress to days, then to weeks. This progression will be based on performance of the servers. The first week it will run a couple of hours a day during the day Wed-Sat. Then barring problems the next week it will be a couple of hours during the day from Wed-Sun. Then they will move to up all day, and finally they will progress into being up all the time.

They are aiming to begin the third week of September, and thus far they are ahead of schedule.

Watch the full Q&A here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqWsNeemuQI&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for the link!

The Twitch livestream was incredible today. They previewed the combat and it’s amazing. SO happy I had faith and got the Intrepid package.

i had the same thought! I actually wished we’d picked up a higher package than braver of worlds. lol

He said the map was due to be about 125 sq/km size wise? That’s a good size to cross, should take some time on foot, wont be so bad on a mount.

Yeah!! But then he went on to say later that that was only a small fraction of what the world would be at launch!! Smoking!!

The game world has to be large though, to support the regional economies they talk about. If it’s easily and quickly crossed, you won’t have the ability to have caravan type play of the kind they’ve talked about.

Roadmap for Alpha 1 should be revealed on Sept 1 @ PAX per AOC discord. Looking forward to seeing the dates!