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I was previously an OTG member as-well-as an ESO member. When trying to login to the new site, I was told no member existed with either my user name or email address. I created a new account (using the exact same credentials a before) and now have some type of account and access. How do I get my old status back?

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User accounts were not ported to the new forums and everyone had to make a new account. You have your old status. :smiley:

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Great, thanks.

I belonged to OTG playing ESO but it no longer recognizes me😎

I don’t see the user name on the old forums to match you here… If you message me from there, perhaps I can match you up!

I just logged in there user name was kim

Send me a message from there from that user name… I’m Juulz over there, too! :smile:

Sent a message; I hope lol

Got it - you are re-memberized now! :grin:

Thank You​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hello, I am Nhoj, a new prospective member. I filled out the Application but it doesn’t seem to have appeared in the Applications area? I am hoping it was submitted but just hasn’t shown up yet. The wizard says I have completed it. If there is any issue can you reset the wizard so I can get my application in?

My thanks

Hi, I was a member of OTG before the forums change. My username was Xx_JAZ_xX. I was inactive for a while, do I need to reapply?

Thank you for your report. I will get back to you asap!

@Jaz, No you don’t need to start over, but would you please send me a PM from the old forums so I can cross-check your membership? Here’s a link for you

Your application has been copied over into the apps forum and is now being processed. Check your forum private message for more info!

I’m Interested in joining OTG what’s the next step for me?

Check through this post Before You Apply… Things to Know - Join OTG - Old Timers Guild

and then visit our application wizard here>> Old Timers Guild



I was an officer in STO and then became chapter leader there. I was also an officer on SWO and had to leave because of work.

Cefwyn should remember me.

Can you please reinstate me, with the correct time of membership?

I know I had to take a break, but I’m back now!