Quests disappearing bug

I was getting ready to log into my Horde toons to do today’s daily WQs but decided to review the Blizzard forums for any problems since I had a rather large update today.

Sure enough there are some folks experiencing quests disappearing from their logs.

This is from the general forums:
And this is from the bug forums:

So I shall wait until tomorrow before logging in …hopefully, this bug will have been fixed by then.

Lyrisa had that last week. Kind of annoying. Double check your map settings to show world quests in case it is something that simple.

Just found this regarding the issue:

And apparently its affected all types of quests including dungeon and raid progressions.

And just found another link of 67 pages on the Customer Support forum.

This is turning out to be a major mess.

My entire quest log got wiped when zoning just now. This included all progress on some ongoing raid quests , as well as completed quests not yet turned in. Really disappointing, because they can’t be restored. I must go and reacquire (and do) them again. Blizz said it was fixed, but it happened to me about 5 hours after it was allegedly ‘fixed.’ Just a fair warning, everyone!

Summer, if you have the opportunity, could you post in their support forums for this issue? The more folks who let them know the timing, I think the sooner they can find the problem.

I personally did not notice this earlier this afternoon while I was doing the WQs for Darkshore so I have nothing to add. But after reading the postings, I’ve purposely refused to log in on any of my toons.

Already did, Lyn :slight_smile: I posted as Hildagardde, my warlock, since that was the toon I was on at the time. I logged out after that , so I don’t know if my other toons were affected.

There apparently are many folks with similar issues. I have no idea what Bliz will do about this but if I were to take a guess, it might be player-by-player depending on what the issue was per individual. Personally, I would go ahead and open a ticket because you never know.

I’ve opened tickets for odd things like when my lock could not complete a garrison quest because she had switched from Horde to Alliance before said quest was turned in. I found out after chatting with the GM that there was nothing I could do but he could. Fortunately, he was able to unlock something so that I could turn it in.

So something as simple as a faction change can really mess up progression, which is something I was not even thinking about. Lots of folks on Bliz’s boards are upset, and rightly so, because many have been involved in progression quests, etc., and have lost everything, except for any tokens or quest items left in their bags.

You would think Bliz would have some sort of save function before they roll out major changes and adjustments for their game …just in case. Hope they rethink this for the future or they might really be causing themselves more troubles.