Reactivation, totally lost

Hi Guys,

Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, but I’m totally lost with this new forum ;). I’ve recently reactivated my subscription on WoW and am a Horde main. I see there is information for a WoW Alliance chapter in the forum but nothing about Horde. I also see there is something about intra guild links, but really no information on what it is or where I go from here.

Is there more horde content on the forums that I can find/need access too and information how to get back invites into the guild in game?

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!


Horde is currently moving over… Invites are here:

Welcome back!

Looks like you managed to find the thread for requesting access to the guild in game.

Also, there is an entire section of the forums dedicated to WOW Horde

It’s a little different from the old forums but it’s not too difficult to at least figure out the game sections. All members have access to the forums of all games.

Welcome back!