Really confused with OTG guild forums and SWTOR guild and server?

Hi, so, I was taken by surprise we now have 2 forums. Old and this new one. This one seems much harder to navigate, use and is clunky, sorry I do not like it.
What happened to the Shadowlands OTG SWTOR guild? Did the guild ship I spent hours decorating get thrown out? Why are you on a totally different server again? I cant afford to move my 30 banks, yes I have a ton of items.

I re subbed back to SWTOR and quit WoW.

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They merged servers again, you should have been moved to the same server. I’m not sure how much guild activity there is anymore though.

And yes, this new forum does indeed suck. Just wait until you try and use Discord, the new chat app. It’s a convoluted mess that makes no sense at all.

Star Forge is where they moved us all. Depending on who talk to, the new forums work pretty well. Much better than the last but still not as nice as the ones prior. Discord is nice though.

I don’t recall but I thought I was automatically moved to Star Forge. I am not sure but OTG doesn’t seem as active as it was but I also haven’t been playing all those new games that are out. I actually hadn’t played in about a month. I was the only one on for weeks at a time when I was playing prior to that. AZ time. I think the chapter is really slow right now.

Lately I have been playing No Man’s Sky. It’s really easy to zone out and accomplish a lot of nothing.


I don’t get this. I personally thought the old forum was horrible and unwieldy, and this new one gives me a nice, simple, one-click overview of what I’m following, what’s new, what I haven’t read yet, etc.

And Discord is just a pretty version of IRC :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I guess when I logged in I didn’t notice server name change. But yeah I am on the new Starforge one also.
I have my own Mumble account that supports 150 people so I may re sub to that and provide it to SWTOR at least.
OR when Mumble is gone from OTG.

Yes, we’re using the new forums and Discord. Not too much activity at this time. If you need toon invites let us know. Feel free to send me or Maverick a message on Discord.

For me the huge advantage of Discord over Mumble is an actual functioning text chat. As for voice, I have no idea, since I don’t use it.