Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4

I don’t play many console games, but I loved the original Red Dead Redemption so I HAD to get the sequel (which is actually a prequel). Picked it up for the PS4 and I am loving it, I haven’t even made it past what is considered the tutorial phase and it is captivating. I was hoping for a PC version to be released along with the console versions, but alas it was not to be. I couldn’t bring myself to hold out for a PC version as Rockstar has been pretty much silent about any PC version and considering that the first game was never released on the PC I’m not holding out hope for a PC version.

Anyone else pick this up for the PS4?

It is in the process of unloading onto the hard drive as a type. looking forward to it.

Yep, installed from disk last night and played a couple hours.

Looks and plays great (PS4 here) on big screen TV .

Was looking forward to Fallout 76 for PC but as that has turned out so bad my hope for that was dashed and
Rockstar wins in this house. I don’t like the idea of double dipping at all but in this case (RedDead) I’ll
most likely make an exception when or if the time comes. I"m sure it will because Rockstar can make
guaranteed bookoo tons of money if they do so.

OH, word of warning for those not in the know, the install requires 150GB of free space to install
but once installed sucks up a mere 100 GB on your HD.
I had to delete a couple rarely played titles to make room. ALso took like a hour and a half to install
from Blu-ray disc. CHeepers. I guess I’ll invest in a USB external HD now for swapping games around . Hah.

I considered upgrading to PS4 Pro for this game but after studying YouTube VIds of comparisons of PS4, Ps4 Pro
and Xbox X , I came to conclusion not worth the upgrade .

I’ve been playing RDR2 on PS4 for a week now and LOVE it. Such a beautiful world and the story is fantastic.

Very much looking forward to trying the online game when it arrives. I believe beta is meant to come some time this month?

Fun times ahead :slight_smile:

I ended up getting it as well. Love the game so far. I’m in chapter 2 right now, haven’t had much time to play though, but its awesome as usual for Rockstar.

I think I’m at the start of chapter 3 now - we’ve moved to the third camp anyway.

I have a friend who’s playing too, and we’ve noticed we are both having different experiences in the game (apart from the main story of course) due to the share number of little random things/people you encounter in this massive world.

I would love to know what Rockstar have planned next. My wish would be a game set in a sort of Game Of Thrones type world… now that would be rad :grin:

Persoanlly, I would really love to see some kind of game that is a cross between Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Firefly series. I just re-wwatched the movie Serenity the other night after playing RDR2 and I got a strong hankerin’ for a game like that you goram know I do!

Now that would be awesome!