Red Tail Loach Farming Spot

Just a little data for the fishing people who try to farm mats for the Bountiful Captain’s Feast. I fished for 1 hour in the following spot close to the Uldir Raid Summoning Stone and caught:

115 Great Sea Catfish, 103 Red Tail Loach, 4 Midnight Salmon, and about 42 greys (~ 400-500g).

I experienced about 15-20 Internal Bag Errors when clicking on my bobber which prevented me from catching anything on those casts. At least one of those errors had a Midnight Salmon on the hook, so I would have caught 5 Midnight Salmon in an hour. This looks like a good spot to farm Red Tail Loach for the Bountiful Captain’s Feast if anyone is wondering where they can farm them efficiently.

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