Rend - launches steam early access 7/31 - anyone planning on playing?

Anyone going to give this a go?

I plan on checking it out so if you plan on doing so as well, let me know, perhaps we can get on the same server. I believe Shoog plans on checking it out as well.

I’m going to check it out as soon as I have a day off work. Maybe post if you find a good server.

I’m digging this game, peeps! Graphics remind me of Fortnite. I like that I can gather, craft, hunt and still be ranked “appreciated” in my faction/server. I’ll leave the PvP to those better than me but will be there to assist.

FWIW, I joined the Order faction on US East - Bloodforge (“official” server). Yes @Dewald this is another game that allows for private servers.

Right now the official servers only allow 20 people online in any faction. Not sure if that will change later on or not. There isn’t much of a tutorial but you just jump in get your survival skills up, help dump points into faction’s research target, gathering, build, etc.

I liked it too, felt like Dark Age of Camelot meets 7 Days to Die. When the red lightning comes don’t be out in the open!

I just jumped into it today. Its kinda fun.