Rend OTG?

I just downloaded Rend and was watching a beginners tutorial before jumping in - anyone from OTG already playing? If not, do we want to create a forum?

I haven’t gotten the game yet but this might tip me over…

Talk to @Dewald and @Benbrada. Survival sandbox games don’t get much long term interest, and it already has an overall low-rated mixed review on Steam.

This isn’t something I would opt to support in New Games. Maybe General Games would claim it.

I picked it up.

Well, general games then, IMNSHO it gets low ratings on Steam for the same reason that Eve would get low ratings on Steam if it premiered today. Gamers are nerfed. The game is fine, it’s just distinctly not for everyone.

Of course, this means if I like a game it’s doomed. I have a great talent for picks like that on niche games…

I played some, fun game. They allow private servers which is usually an OTG red flag for support.