Return to top button?

I am noticing on long threads, like the thread to request membership, you have to scroll up and up and up to get the stuff at the top of normal threads to come back on the screen.

Is there a button to return to the top, or is scrolling the only way…think this would be a nice feature if it isn’t there already.

I guess there sort of is, when down in the long posts you can click on the title of the post you are in and it takes you back to the beginning. From there you can then navigate as normal.

So please disregard this request, doesn’t seem worth the time just have to learn the new functionality of these new forums.

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You can also click on the OTG icon in the top left corner, it appears when you’ve scrolled some way down a thread and takes you back to the home page. And you have the section (for want of a better description) name under the thread name at the top of the page that you can also click on to go to that section.

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Click on the top date of the little slidebar to the right of your thread.

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Great tips everyone!

Just hit your home button on keyboard if you’re on a pc.


Pretty much what I do. Or I click on the OTG graphic in the upper left and it takes you back to the home page.

as yet another alternative, you can hit the scrollbar built into the forum near the top and it will return you to the top post. but i usually just hit the otg logo or the back button to return to my home page