Still trying to decide on a return engagement with WoW. I believe I did not do/complete the last patch or maybe two in Legion? Big deal, or forget about it? Is there anything that I should do in the next week in Legion, or, if i re-sub should I just do the “interim event” related quests? Other than getting a unique mount for completing the pre-xpac content, is there a “must do” in this interim? My gear score looks to be 212 on my main Hunter, but that is with an ilvl of 0 for my Titanspike bow which looks to now have some pretty crappy stats. For never running LFR/raids and only a a couple of dungeons, the GS seems OK to start the xpac, no? How fast can I/do I get to replace the 0 ilvl Titanspike with something worthwhile? If it is a long slog to be able to enter the xpac reasonably, let me know. Thanks in advance!

The patch shouldn’t be too bad. I hadn’t updated my laptop in a long time and it didn’t take long to patch (less than 30 minutes?)

The content shouldn’t be difficult to do. 212 is not bad for an ilvl. I got a replacement for my artifact weapon on a few of my alts fairly quickly. others taking a little longer, but I do suggest running those dailies every day (the ones in Lordanel).

Hope to see you in-game!

The new gear from the pre-BFA world quests meant to prepare folks for next week is generally iLvl 210 to 220, so you’re right in that range already.

The make-up world quests in Dark Shore have weapons too that are 210 if you need them.