Returning player

I have no clue where to post this on the new site! Very confusing here.

I have returned after years of absence and am having to relearn everything!!
After making my way to the level 30 dungeon I discovered that apparently no one does dungeons anymore? I tried story mode = dead in 3 sec.

Don’t like voice chat but I will keep an eye out for typed chat.

Still flitting around on alts trying to decide what to play. I did boost a Ranger yesterday.

There are still people running dungeons, though they’re not as popular as fractals since they haven’t been expanded or touched in years. Ask in gchat, look in LFG, or try starting your own group in LFG.

In LFG, assume people are advertising for explorable mode by default. If you start a group for story mode, be explicit in your LFG note. Steer clear of the speed running groups, unless you know exactly what you’re doing and just want to get from A to B as fast as possible.

The dungeons are definitely not designed for solo play, even in story mode. There are a few people can pull it off, you see videos and posts about it on reddit occasionally. However, it’s beyond most of us.

Is a fractal a harder dungeon? Do you have to be 80 for them? I have one boosted but all the rest are 30

If you see me on I’d be happy to do a dungeon with you. I’m still fairly new to much of the game and thus haven’t gotten burned out on the dungeons and such. Fractals are like mini-dungeons but yes I believe they are level 80.

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Fractals are a type of mini-dungeon with a difficulty scaling system built in. They scale from difficulty level 1 to 100. They’re pretty much designed for level 80, though in theory you can run them as a sub-80 because it boosts you to 80 while you’re inside. You’re better off in regular dungeons at your level, IMO.

Even though you’re boosted to 80 in a fractal, you will be gimped by not having access to all your skills, not having access to your elite specialization, and likely having inferior gear. A pug might well kick you, though I’m sure you could get guildmates to take you.

Eventually you’d hit an absolute gear barrier: Above difficulty level 20, you need special infusions slotted on your gear, and those slots are only available on level 80 Ascended gear. The higher difficulty level you run, the more infusions you need. Without them, it’s eventually like insta-death.

You can learn more about fractals here:

I might take you up on the dungeon offer after I figure out what to play and how to play it lol.
Right now I am working on hero points for the boosted druid and also leveling my 31 engie.

Since you have a boost, you should have either the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire zones. If you didn’t realize it already, those areas give 10 hero points per challenge.

If you are ok with just entering the zones, running around and getting hero points, then going back to what you were doing, put out a call. After taking 9 characters through the process I have a pretty good path for the HoT areas, and am getting a few circuits for the PoF. areas. PoF areas are actually easier to get more HP’s completed. HoT zones have more challenges that spawn champs, requiring at least a small group.

Also, check LFG for HP trains running in those zones. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’ve been an on again off again player mostly due to time constraints and I’m currently on again. Love the game immensely. I have a ranger at 51 who I want to make a Druid healer and have started a mesmer and elementalist for dps, low levels and still deciding what to play. I’ve been just creeping in guild chat watching and learning while other people ask questions (thanks for that!). Point being, I would be happy to do dungeons as well!