Rundown on Alliance BFA factions and what you get f

Parent Wowhead article here. You can open up the factions there and see what is offered at the vendors.

There are two new zones: Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

There are 4 alliance factions + 2 neutral factions, which seem to all offer something worthwhile for all crafters. Looks like revered is the threshold for these.

There is a new mechanic of contracts. You can get a contract which gives you faction in Kul Tiras and Zandalar on WQs, typically 25 per task. Looks like you need to be friendly to get it, and scribes can craft them. I do not know if these are consumables or permanent toggles per character…not quite sure how it works.

The factions for Alliance are:

Order of Embers (OOE)
Proudmoore Admiralty (PA)
Storm’s Wake (SW)
7th Legion (7L)

Champions of Azeroth (COA)
Tortollan Seekers (TS)

Need REVERED with your factions reps for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One. This is likely the flying achievement for the expansion.

To give you a sense of what you can get by faction, I took a close up look at what my Warlock Tailor/Enchanter would get from factions. Note you can and likely should do this exercise on your own for your main to go through. I am running this guy first because (a) it is human and will most rapidly cap out factions, (b) is a tailor and can start the long haul of upgrading toons to 32 slot bags, © it solos easily, and (d) I will have someone who can grind up unwanted stuff. So I have culled the list for cloth items useful to a tailor enchanter.


  • contract at friendly
  • pet biscuit toy at honored
  • 325 cape at honored
  • 340 legs at revered
  • battle pet ‘Pristine Falcon Feather’ at revered
  • vers ring enchant at revered
  • gale force weapon enchant at revered
  • versatile navigation weapon enchant at revered
  • 30 slot bag tailoring pattern at revered
  • cloak tailoring recipe at revered
  • 355 cloth hands at exalted
  • dusky waycrest gryphon at exalted
  • smoky charger at exalted


  • contract at friendly
  • target dummy toy at honored
  • 325 cloak at honored
  • 340 belt at revered
  • BOP 30 slot bag at revered (unique)
  • spyglass toy at revered
  • pact of mastery ring enchant at revered
  • masterful navigation weapon enchant at revered
  • weapon enchant siphoning at revered
  • tailor cloak pattern at revered
  • 355 legs at exalted
  • Admiralty Stallion mount at exalted
  • Proudmoore Sea Scout mount at exalted


  • contract at friendly
  • cape at honored
  • 340 gloves at revered
  • dead ringer toy at revered
  • battle pet Bee Wings at revered
  • enchant ring Pact of Haste at revered
  • enchant weapon deadly navigation at revered
  • enchant weapon stalwart navigation at revered
  • tailor cloak pattern at revered
  • Dapple Gray mount at exalted
  • Stormsong Coastwatcher mount at exalted
  • 355 cloth belt at exalted


  • Grimwatt’s Crash scouting report mission at honored
  • Veiled Grotto scouting report mission at honored
  • 325 cloak at honored
  • 340 wrist at revered
  • Lil’ Siege Tower battle pet at revered
  • enchant ring critical strike at revered
  • enchant pattern for 300 wand at revered
  • Scouting reports Mistvine Ledge, Mugamba Overlook, Verdant Hollow, and Vulture’s nest at revered
  • 355 boots at exalted


  • contract at friendly
  • 325 cloak at honored
  • battle pets Drop of Azerite and Shard of Azerite at revered
  • 355 cloth helm at exalted


  • contract at friendly
  • 325 cape at honored
  • toy Scroll of Combustible Critters at honored
  • Cooking Captains Feast at honored (2 star)
  • 340 cloth boots at revered
  • battle pet Cou’Pa at revered
  • 32 slot bag tailor pattern at revered
  • enchant ring Critical Strike and Vers at revered
  • 3 star cooking captains feast at revered.
  • Galley banquet, grilled catfish, seasoned loins cooking recipes at revered
  • 355 wrist at exalted
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