Sadness/ AoC class system

I am sad that I haven’t look into this section of the forum sooner! I would have found out about this game sooner. I am also sad that this year’s March, one of the offered cosmetic pack, has a stuffed bear mount, and a swan boat! which I didn’t get a chance to buy (don’t ask me how I obtained this info). I will buy one of the pre-order when AoC offer a good cosmetic package that fit my taste. Since they offer a new aesthetic package every so often right? Anyways now that all the crying is out of the way.

I know the game will be ready in a year or 2. But I’m really excited for the 64 “classes” (and other features such as mount husbandry/housing) we will be getting. I plan to main a cleric something. But definitely a cleric.

What’s everyone going to play?

I know that alpha 1 is coming soon this month. I won’t be able to participate. Those who can please post some screen shot or info please. Thank you! Too exciting!!! Have fun!

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The second wave of alpha 1 phase 1 is due to hit this week. Currently it’s under a visual NDA though, so screenshots will come later.

The cosmetics change every month. Usually on the 2nd of the month, although this month due to the alpha the timing is weird and I believe it changes the 17th instead of the 2nd. What this means for October I have no idea.

I don’t know what I’ll be playing yet. I’m going to play it like a madwoman during the alpha to test out the classes. :slight_smile: My ultimate choice will be based on how the augments change the skills. Due to their skill system, I may very well end up picking a class based entirely around 1 main skill. I can’t wait to see how it plays!!!

But if I had to pick a class now based solely on what’s known … I’d likely end up with a summoner or bard.

Keep in mind that PvP is fairly important here, guarding your trade goods and such. So make sure your class has some ranged abilities (or good escape abilities).

At least everyone can dual class so you don’t have to pick just one. :wink: